Mudd and Moore returning as Consultants

Clark Judge is reporting that Mudd and Moore have "tentatively agreed" to return as consultants:

The two no longer are full-time employees, but, according to Colts' owner Jim Irsay, have tentatively agreed to return as consultants -- there to help guide the club through the 2009 season from beginning to end.

"I've talked to them," said Irsay at this week's league meetings, "and know they would like to come back and do it and be part of it. They're going year to year (as far as their futures), but they want to be part of it, and I'm for that."

Here is the link.

If this is true, then it's fantastic news imo. It does however make the recent signings of Frank Winters and Ron Johnson a bit puzzling, but I trust that Irsay knows what he is doing. GO COLTS!!!

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