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If you didn't hate Mitch King before, I suggest you do now

I'd say a good 99% of the viewers on Stampede Blue were chomping at the bit in hopes that the Colts would either draft King, or at least pick him up in free agency.  When we all heard that he signed with the Titans, most of us were wondering what the hell happened.  Did the Colts even attempt to sign him?  And the answer is: Yes.

It wasn't for the lacking of trying that the Colts couldn't land Mitch King, because in the end, the ball was in King's court.  For whatever reason, he CHOSE the Titans over the Colts (along with a few other teams).  He passed up on playing for the greatest organization in the NFL, for a one year wonder Titans team, where the depth at defensive tackle is longer than my...well it's really long. Great choice King.  I hope you enjoy your time in Nashville and the short seasons, because you decided to play for a team who won't even make the playoffs next season. 

Come on everyone, let's all laugh at him.  Hahahafhahfhasidfhaoighaoihoaihah.  Dumbass.