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Luke Links: Who's the OC and OL coach again?

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<em>At least we know Peyton will be the QB.  I'm also hoping he grows out that goatee again.</em>
At least we know Peyton will be the QB. I'm also hoping he grows out that goatee again.
  • Bad news for the Williams sisters, a federal judge dismissed most of their claims about their positive drug tests.
  • James Harrison's dog bit his son and "massage therapist", causing minor injuries to both parties.  I hate to say this but can you say karma for being a tool?  I can and did.
  • WEEKLY SHOCKER ALERT: Current NFL draft bust and all around nimrod Ryan Leaf has been indicted on drug and burglarly chargesHo-ly hell am I glad Polian never drafted this guy.
  • And to sprinkle a little good news in, William "The Refrigerator" Perry has been released from the hospital after being admitted for a nervous system problem.  That's the good news, the bad news is no one is certain if he will make a full recovery.  We wish you luck in getting healthy Fridge!
  • The 49ers signed CB Dre Bly to a one year deal.  This move was made only because Walt Harris blew his knee out.
  • Donte Stallworth's arraignment has been delayed one month.
  • Vikings head coach Brad Childress plays coy on the Favre saga.
  • Braylon Edwards says he wants to stay with the Brown stains.  I think this is due to the fact that no one wants him and his brick hands.
  • Jerry Jones says he wants no part of Michael Vick, "Romo is our guy."  I'll believe it when I see it JJ.
  • has an interesting poll at the bottom right of the front page asking who is atop your fantasy board this season.  Why people voted for someone other than Adrian Peterson is beyond me.
  • The Bucs contacted Plaxico Burress.  The Jets are also interested.
  • If anyone is interested, the reason the 'Boys want to ditch Greg Ellis is because it will save them $5.6 million in cap space.  He's pretty old anyways.
  • The Jets are unlikely to restructure Thomas Jones' contract.  Good move considering they drafted Shonn Greene and have Leon Washington as well.  Jones is getting up there in age as well, he's bound for a huge decline.
  • Fantasy update: Don't draft Marques Colston as your #1 receiver.  He's proven to be injury prone and can't be trusted.  He had microfracture surgery on his knee this offseason.  Besides, their depth at WR is ridiculous.
  • Kurt Warner is confident Anquan will be back.
  • Keith Bulluck thinks this will be his last season with the Titans.
  • Dirty Sanchez sucked it up in OTA's going 1 for 9 and an interception.  haha
  • The Bucs 2008 first round draft pick has a problem with his teammates.  He struck Torrie Cox in the face with his helmet.  This is the second time he's be involved in altercations with his teammates.  Remember everyone, once is an accident, twice is a coincidence, three times is a trend.  Before you know it i'll be reporting that Talib has been arrested on DUI charges.
  • Bob Sanders is presented with the Humanitarian Award by Pop Warner Little Scholars Inc., the largest pop warner football organization in the U.S.  Go Bob!
  • Jaguars fans, it may be time to revolt and start rooting for a good franchise.  Unless their ticket sales increase dramatically, there's a very good chance their home games may be blacked out.  Sucks to be Jags fans.
  • Convicted juicer Shawne Merriman says he's never felt better.  And for a good laugh, I present to you this great clip of MJD stoning him:

  • Versus may be interested in snagging some Sunday night football games from NBC.  Good move on their part.
  • The Redskins and Patriots are going into the lottery business to make more money.  I actually think this is kinda cool.  I wish the Colts would be more proactive.
  • Jon Gruden appears to be a shady mofo.  Rich Eisen said he was originally supposed to join the NFL Network crew: "We were expecting him.  We were expecting him any day. . . .  And then, boom, he’s in the Monday night booth."  Something tells me this had to do with money.  He probably used the NFL Network offer as leverage to make more at ESPN.  And for that I hate him even more.
  • There have been rumors that the greatest Colts player ever who just so happened to never actually don a Colts jersey, also known as Wrecks Grossman (my fav) and Sexy Rexy although I don't quite get that one, would be heading to the UFL.  His agent Drew Rosenhaus begs to differ.