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Welcome back from your long weekend: Next up, Colts Mini-Camp!

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Hope you enjoyed your long Memorial Day Weekend. Now that the short vacation is over, and the unofficial start of summer has begun, we dive right into discussion of the team's mandatory Mini-Camp. The Colts will conduct a full squad mini-camp at Franklin College on Saturday, June 6th. That's less than two weeks away. It is here that new coach Jim Caldwell will begin to implement his philosophy of of the team playing "Smart, Fast, and Physical."

Mini-Camp will also have rookies like Fili Moala working with veterans like Jeff Saturday. The coaches will begin to implement scheme adjustment and ideas as new players like Donald Brown, Austin Collie, Adam Seward, and Terrance Taylor begin working with their new team. And newly re-signed players like Ed Johnson (who will now wear #66, as Antonio "Mookie" Johnson wears Ed's old number of 99) get re-adjusted to new roles on the team. Right now, it is unclear if Tom Moore or Howard Mudd will be present for mini-camp. Both are expected to return to the team as consultants on August 2, the start of training camp.

As we get ready for mini-camp, writers like Colts Homer depth chart battle articles like this one. Identifying key depth chart battles, and players who might be on the roster bubble, is our focus between now and August 2nd.

The the meantime, enjoy this silly video with Jim Harbaugh circa 1996.