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Bill Polian responds to Peyton Manning's negative comments

From ESPN:

Basically, Peyton is confused about the roles that Tom Moore and Howard Mudd will have in the future. My answer is, welcome to the club. We're confused, too. The people that are supposed to have answers still don't have answers. Whether we can bring them back, when we can bring them back, remains to be seen. We would love to have 'em back but we don't know in what capacity they will be allowed. It's still being researched.

I ask Bill to go back and re-read Peyton's comments. Peyton is not "confused" about the roles that Tom Moore and Howard Mudd will have with the Colts. Peyton is frustrated about the apparent lack of communication between the front office and the players. He's frustrated by the double talk. He's frustrated by the absence of talk.

If Bill Polian had come out, say, last week and said something to the affect of his quote above, there would be no issue. The issue is a lack of communication, and the side not doing much communicating is Polian's side. At least, that is the perception.

Tip to Blueisgood.