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Marlin Jackson amazingly back at practice post-knee surgery

Back on October 30th, 2008, Marlin Jackson was placed on IR due to tearing his anterior cruciate ligament as well as meniscus cartilage in his knee. Almost seven months to the day, Marlin Jackson returned to the Colts practice field:

Jackson’s early return to practice Thursday surprised some because it normally takes players a full year to recover from ACL surgery. Jackson had his surgery Dec. 1.

That's just... WOW! It is amazing how far medical science has come in the last 7 years. If Edgerrin James had torn his knee ligament now as opposed to back in 2001, he might not have lost so much breakaway speed. THAT is how far things seem to have come.

Also, coming laong ahead of schedule is RB Mike Hart, who was also IRed last year because of a knee injury.

With a (amazingly) healthy Marlin Jackson returning, the Colts secondary is starting ot look scary good. Not OK good. Not very good. Scary good. And if Mike Hart continues to develop, the backfield in Indy starts looking scary good as well. Joseph Addai, Donald Brown, and Mike Hart each give the offense unique abilities that help it to run the ball.