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Know Your Colts History: A ReMEMEbrance of the 2006 AFC Championship


Some might say that it's dangerous to live in the past.  They might be right, but it's also true that we're nothing without our memories.  For most Colts fans, one of, if not the most memorable game in team history was the 2006 AFC Championship. 

The game was only 2 years ago, so there's no question in my mind as to whether or not you can remember great moments from the game, but there's always new ways to express those memories.  After the jump, we'll relive some of the best moments from this legendary game using some of the Internet's famous memes.

Bob Sanders Facts:

  • Bob Sanders can unscramble an egg.
  • Football players don't sweat because of how hard they work, they sweat because they know as long as they're on the field that they're walking on Bob's bulls-eye.
  • There's no scalp under Bob's dreadlocks, just another bulging bicep.
  • Tom Brady can throw a football over 60 yards.  Bob Sanders can throw a Tom Brady over 600 yards.



Your Argument is Invalid:




And finally, there's only one way to end this post.  Play him off, Keyboard Cat.