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2009 Colts Rookie Mini-Camp: Final wrap-up

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Obviously, we're not going to get much out of a rookie mini-camp designed to help these kids transition from college to the pros. There is no evaluation. No game plan implementation. Only drills, play book introduction, and interviews, interviews, interviews. Really, what this camp does is introduce the rookies to us (the fans) as well as the NFL. And so far, the introduction as felt a very positive first impression on everyone.

  • Austin Collie gives a nice interview on Seems like an intelligent guy, though in the interview it seemed he was looking off at something else while Jeffery Gorman asked his questions.
  • Interesting note on Collie: When drafted people said he was Indy's "Wes Welker." Most of us Colts fans chuckled at this because Wes Welker is actually New England's "Brandon Stokley." Stokley gave Bill Belichick nightmares when he played slot receiver in Indy, and when New England implemented an offense similar to Indy's a few years ago, one of the first things they did was signed Wes Welker to play the "Stokley" role. Back to Collie, the reason Austin fell to to the 4th round because of his 40 time (4.60), leaving some to ask "How can this guy be a Stokley or Welker-type receiver?" Well, Stokley ran a 4.54 at his Combine in 1999, and Welker ran a 4.60 at his. Slot receiver is more about precise route-running, finding holes in the zone, and catching EVERYTHING thrown at you. Not necessarily timed speed. Oh, and guess who Bill Polian compared Collie to: Brandon Stokley.
  • Collie and second year WR Pierre Garcon will likely dook it out over the starting slot receiver spot. Edge right now: Garcon.  
  • Jerraud Powers may have been the WTF pick for us Colts fans, but when interviewed he seems like a high character guy.
  • This has been made clear by Colts brass: Joseph Addai is the starting running back; Donald Brown is the back-up. The Colts are going to use even more Two-Back sets in 2009. I know this is often a VERY heated discussion here, but opinions aside, here is how the Colts will start things in 2009: Addai starting; Brown backing up.
  • I agree with John. Mike Hart has the edge on Chad Simpson and Lance Ball as the #3 back. Lance Ball is the wild card though. If he has an impressive training camp and pre-season, he could push Hart out the door.
  • Starting offensive line wil likely be LT Tony Ugoh, LG Jamey Richard, OC Jeff Saturday, RG Mike Pollak, RT Ryan Diem. I have no faith in Ryan Lilja's health. If he comes back, YAY! That's gravy! I'm not getting my hopes up. Guys like rookie Jaimie Thomas are nice depth, but unless Pollak or Richard really suck in TC, they won't lose their jobs.
  • Another year, another Penn State undrafted rookie with a troubled past.
  • I get the sense Jim Caldwell really liked Curtis Painter. He talked about him a great deal on draft day. Caldwell was a QB coach for years. If anyone on the club knows what to look for when it comes to QB play, it's Caldwell. So, if he like Painter, then Painter has to have some serious potential.

With rookie camp closed, OTAs will start as we forge ahead with the post-Draft off-season. As we do so, we will continue breaking down the Colts roster, looking for Training Camp battles and areas that need improvement.

Go Colts!