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Colts trim roster down: Cut P Mike Dragosavich and LB Rufus Alexander

This morning, the Colts had 87 players on their roster. They can only go to Training Camp with 80. So, between now and August 2 (the start of Training Camp), the Colts will need to trim down. today, they parted ways with punter Mike Dragosavich and LB Rufus Alexander.

Cutting Dragosavich essentially hands the starting punting job to rookie Pat McAfee. The Colts also have Tim Masthay on the roster, but let's face it. Unless McAfee truly stinks it up at camp, Tim Masthay is pretty much roster filler.

Rufus Alexander is a player we at Stampede Blue have kept an eye on for years now. But, with Freddy Keiaho and Tyjuan Hagler re-signed, it's unlikely he would ever play.