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Stampede Blue Draft Prediction Contests - Results

I apologize for taking so long to get the results up for the Draft contest, as a combination of work and life got in the way last week (I didn't think a 2 hour time change could have that much effect on you).  But alas I'm here with the results.

First I'll start with the First Round contest.  Some people didn't use their SBNation name, so I'm not exactly sure who to congratulate, but Manning's Entry, whoever you are, was the winner with 1560 points, good for 174th overall.  Here's the top 5, and you can find the rest on the league page on

Name Points
Manning 1560
Colteyes 1200
colt44 1190
Bullard47 1170
Mr. NFL 1140


The other contest we ran was to predict every pick the Colts had in the draft.  With a couple trades happening, it made it a little out of whack, but we still had a clear winner, hahasound.  He/She had 23 points, winning by 5, thanks to correctly predicting Curtis Painter in the 6th round, and predicting Terrance Taylor would be drafted by the Colts, although in another round.  Also getting picks exactly correct were:

  • bamock - Fili Moala
  • monstersbox - Austin Collie
  • Bullard47 - Terrance Taylor

Here are the full results, so you can laugh at how bad I did, and see who picked who where.  Thanks to everyone for participating!

Name Points
hahasound 23
monstersbox 18
Bullard47 18
bamock 16
jblaze9311 14
shake n bake 13
ColtsFanNChiTown 13
MrNFL 12
Memphis Red Dogs 12
ebpunkin 11
bohephus 11
Daveinindy 11
Colts Homer 10
bluevol03 10
J-Gao 10
scottishcoltsfan 8
colteyes 8
mgrex03 8
colts9318rock 6
Tsnyder 6