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ESPN saying Colts Offensive Line Coach Howard Mudd Retiring

Chris Mortensen is saying Howard Mudd, legendary offensive line coach for the Colts, may be retiring:

Offensive line coach Howard Mudd has informed the Colts he is planning to retire immediately because of the pension-plan changes, according to team and league sources.


Mudd could not be reached for comment, but sources indicated it is almost a certainty that he is stepping down and that assistant line coach Pete Metzelaars will assume his duties.

During the league's meetings in March, owners passed a resolution to revise its pension program for non-players.

Mudd, 67, believes he has to take his entire lump-sum pension payment now because if he does not exercise that right at 65 under the revised plan, he will be allowed only to accept annuity payments upon retirement that will be reduced to 50 percent value for his immediate survivors if he dies, according to sources.

Mudd has already maximized his pension because he has surpassed the formula that requires a coach's age and league tenure to equal 75. He has been an NFL assistant for 36 consecutive seasons.

Many assistant coaches are upset with the recent pension revisions and have complained the new program not only reduces their retirement income but also lacks clarity.


The owners cutting the pension plan is crappy douchey on their part, and if it drives one of the best coaches in football out of the league, shame on them and their greed.

Of course, this could all be a bunch of crap. The source of all this is Mortensen; the same Chris Mortenson who said the Colts were moving to LA, and that Mike Shanahan was going to the Kansas City Chiefs. We shall see.

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