Colts cut another key franchise piece

 The Colts announced Friday that they are parting ways with long time advisor and friend of Bill Polian,  Dom Anile. Dom was the key peice in scouting undrafted free agents the Colts have had so much success with. Dom is credited with finding Jeff Saturday and Dominic Rhodes.

“He played a major role in our success and in the development of an outstanding department and staff,” Polian said in a statement. “We will miss him greatly. On a personal level, I will miss him greatly as well. He is one of my closest friends in football.” - Bill Polian

 I would love to be optimistic about this season but I think it will definatly be hard to over come these huge loses. The Colts (as you well know) have lost coaches Tony Dungy (head coach of course), Ron Meeks (defense), Purnell (special teams thank God), star WR Marvin Harrison , and maybe the best ofensive coordator and O-line coach in the league. Its anyones guess on how the players are going to handle these changes. I hope the Colts come out fired up. I can't stand to lose.

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