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Know Your Colts History: Now I'm Not Saying She a Gold Digger...


At some point or another during the off-season, you probably heard about Dwight Freeney's guest appearance on the Dr. Phil.  You probably know that he disguised himself as a limo driver for two gold-diggers who treated him poorly because they thought he was a low-wage driver, rather than a $76 million man.

What you probably don't know is what the actual segment looked like.  After all, it's very hard to pull in the football diehard audience and the audience that loves self-help advice shows.  But finally after a lot of YouTube searching, I was finally able to track down the segment where he humiliated the gold diggers far worse than he ever humiliated David Carr.  They do a good job of trying to cover their tracks, but you can still see that they were pretty upset for turning down a chance to hang out with a very, very wealthy man.  Check it out, I think you'll find its worth the 5 minutes out of your day.