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Know Your Colts History: Life as a Colt, One Tweet at a Time

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I'm sure that you were all shocked to learn that man who brought you the Twitter update "Wow Slumdog Millionaire got 8 Oscars! #slumdog #oscarswasn't actually Peyton Manning.  As of yet, there's no Colts currently on the Twitter bandwagon, which is probably a good thing, since entire blog posts would be dedicated to each tweet as they came in with a fanbase as passionate as this one.

However, it got me thinking what it would be like if some of the popular Colts got on Twitter and started sharing their thoughts.  Here's some of the tweets that I think you would see.

Peyton Manning (laserrocketarm18)

  • Watching game film.
  • Watching game film to study the Titans defense.
  • Watching game film again.
  • Still watching game film, I didn't realize everyone on the Titans D had the same shoelaces.
  • Filming a commercial of me watching game film.

Dwight Freeney (free93)

  • just got done bein a limo driver for dr. phil.
  • there was a car blocking traffic so i did a little spin move with my car to get around it
  • o wait i probably shouldnt b tweetin while i drive lol!

Jim Sorgi (clipboardking)

  • I cant get ahead of @laserrocketarm18 on the depth chart and now he won't let me go ahead of him at lunch
  • THe sad thing is that i made lunch today
  • i made some sweet cash today backing up cal ripken at an event.  didn't hav 2 do a lick of work!

Bob Sanders (dreadful21)

  • My prediction? Pain.
Howard Mudd (rubsomemuddonit)
  • How does this thing work again?
  • This new pension is absurd, I'm retiring!
  • Maybe I'm overreacting, I'll see if I can come back as a consultant.
  • Hello?  Can anyone hear me?
  • What?  I can't come back until November?
  • Where's my golf cart?
Gary Brackett (brackattack58)
  • Just finished helping my friend move.  I did most of the heavy lifting, but didn't get thr props I deserve.  Good thing I'm used to this.
  • I don't care what anyone says, I don't look like Carl Winslow from Family Matters!
  • @sagerosenfels Hey you dropped something...

Dallas Clark (clarkwhispers)

  • I tried to post updates using sign language, but that didn't work out too well.
  • Is anyone coming to my luau this weekend?

Pat McAfee (the_real_mcafee)

  • i tried to get @brackattack58 to wrestle with me, he just laffed
  • i did a few practice punts this weekend i'm still waiting for some of dem to land
  • y won't anyone give me a commercial yet? i do good work
  • man, im so bored i hav no idea what im doin this weekend
  • @clarkwhispers actually now that i think of it im busy all this weekend