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Know Your Colts History: Character in Numbers (1-33)


The point of this week's post is simple: Sum up the careers of every player on the Colts.  The trick is that I have to use the same number of characters as the player's roster number.  This will be a three week series taking a look at the Colts roster.  This week will focus on numbers 1-33, next week will be 34-66, and two weeks from now we'll look at numbers 67-99.  

So this shouldn't be too hard, right?


#1 Pat McAfee: ¿

#2 Tim Masthay: Oy

#4 Adam Vinatieri: Kick

#6 Taj SmithDreads

#7 Curtis Painter: Purdue.

#8 Shane Andrus: Backup K

#10 Chris Crane: 4th String

#11 Anthony Gonzalez: Super quick

#12 Jim Sorgi: TheClipboard

#14 Sam Giguerre: Dude got guns!

#15 Brett McDermott: Don't get comfy

#16 Jacob Lacey: Kinda dorky name

#17 Austin Collie: Sounds like a dog

#18 Peyton Manning: Yeah he's a keeper

#20 Dante Hughes: << Marlin and Kelvin

#21 Bob Sanders: Tackled a shark today

#23 Tim Jennings: No relation to this guy


#27 Lance BallThe ultimate one hit wonder

#28 Marlin Jackson: I hope he hasn't lost a step

#29 Joseph Addai: Has a crucial year coming up.

#30 Travis Key: Doubt he'll be on final roster

#31 Donald Brown: Polian chose him, must be good.

#32 Mike Hart: Should be a great 3rd RB if well

#33 Melvin Bullitt: Vastly cooler than Steve McQueen.