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Five players from other teams you'd like to see on the Colts

Because we have no originality here at Stampede Blue, we will usher you readers into the weekend with another list of players. This time, instead of kicking them in the nuts, it's players from other teams you'd like to see on the Colts.

Ah, put there is a catch.

Unlike baseball and basketball, pro football has a salary cap (for the time being). The cap is one of the biggest reasons why teams in middle America can kick the snot out of teams from New York. It's called parity. Everyone works from a level playing field. Large markets cannot simply "buy" the best players. You get the idea.

So, for our little game, take five Colts players and replace them with five players from other teams with the same relative cap hit. It doesn't need to match exactly. Just don't go overboard (Andre Johnson for Pierre Garcon). This makes it a little trickier, but more interesting, in my humble opinion. I mean sure, I'd like to have Andre Johnson and Maurice Jones-Drew on this team paired with Joseph Addai and Reggie Wayne. Cap-wise, it ain't happening.

See my five after the jump. Offer yours in the comments.

Ryan Clady for Tony Ugoh

DeAngelo Williams for Joseph Addai

Justin Forsett for Mike Hart

E.J. Henderson for Clint Session

Antoine Cason for Tim Jennings