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Luke Links: There is no summer vacation in football


I'm not taking a summer vacation this year because I'm getting married in September. But I'm sure many of you are (hopefully) getting away for some much needed R & R. Between the economy, the election, and all the stuff that affected the Colts from 2008 to now, it's been a long, rough year. Take some time to recharge your batteries. I personally never like going to the beach, except to look at girls (sorry honey, you look cute too!). But, swimming in the ocean, laying out on the beach, building sand castles... just not my thing. I've always been a camper. I love hiking, biking, pitching a tent, making a fire, and cooking in a metal pot over a raging flame.

What's your favorite location to vacation in? If you say "Bawston ta take in a Sawks game" I will steel toe you in the nuts. Yes, I'm kidding. Here are your morning links:

  • Jamie Silva doesn't want to think too much.
  • ESPN's Paul Kuharsky is getting smacked around by some fans who question his opinion on Steve McNair not being a Hall of Famer. Most of the questions are silly, but Paul does a nice job fielding them and getting down to the reasons why McNair will not be a Hall of Famer.
  • Music City Miracles has a much better way to honor Steve McNair; retire his number. I agree. Very classy and respectful thing to do. Prior to to his death, I'd have said such an act was unnecessary. But, if I were a Titans fan, I'd be very weirded out if I saw some punter trot out on the field wearing #9. 
  • From the same people who did not list Peyton Manning as one of the great "clutch" QBs in NFL history, here is a video list of the greatest QBs of all time. They rank Manning third, behind Joe Montana (barf!) and John Unitas (I can agree with that). Tom Brady is ranked 4th all-time. Don't ask me why they leave Manning off the clutch list, but have him as the #3 all-time QB. It's NFL Network. They rarely make sense.

We plan to do another podcast tomorrow night at 8pm. Mark your calendars.