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Colts sell ad space on practice jersies

I don't don't know why a team that posted solid profits last year feels compelled to place advertisements on their players' practice jerseys, but they did it regardless:

The Colts, a playoff team the last seven seasons and the Super Bowl XLI champions following the 2006 season, finalized a deal this week to sell a corporate patch on players' practice jerseys, the Indianapolis Business Journal reported Tuesday afternoon. The deal was made with Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance.

The agreement is a five-year deal that will pay the team somewhere in the "mid-six-figures" annually, Colts officials told the IBJ. The patches can be no larger than 3.5 by 4.5 inches, according to the rules of the NFL, which does not allow such sponsorship patches in game-day jerseys.

NFL owners voted to allow the practice jersey patches at their annual league meetings this past March.

Like many of you, I don't care what the Colts put on their practice jerseys. Is it annoying to see anything other than white, blue, and logo? Yes, but I can deal. My issue is why does a team that made lots of money last year need something like this? I can understand the struggling WNBA placing ad logos on game jerseys. They need to make money in this struggling economy. But the NFL? Don't make much sense to me.