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Luke Links: The "Deep At DT" Edition


Hope you enjoyed last night's podcast, which featured a fun conversion with Indy Football Report's John Oehser. One key highlight of the night (aside from me forgetting to ask John the question Cass requested about Jaguars fans) was Oehser's current opinion on who will win several key roster positions: Pierre Garcon as 3rd WR, Tim Jennings at nickelback, Mike Pollak and Ryan Lilja at guards, and Ed Johnson & Mookie Johnson as the starting DTs going forward. The last one made me lift an eyebrow because (I assume) most people think Fili Moala will start at over-tackle.

Regardless, I agree with John that this team is now very deep at a position that was very thin last year. Hopefully, it isn't decimated by injuries (and marijuana) like last year.

  • Speaking of Colts DTs, has a very nice article on Daniel Muir. I'm pulling for Muir to make the team. He's an animated guy who seems to get it; hard worker, tough, and motivated. I liked this quote:
    "One mistake I thought I made in my rookie season looking ahead to my second year was just thinking ahead too much. This year, what I've done well is keeping my attitude good, because I really enjoy this organization and the people around it.

    "Secondly, I've just taken every day a day at a time and gotten as much done as I can do."

  • 18to88 has a good interview with Mike Tanier of Football Outsiders.
  • John lists the top ten most valuable players on the Colts. John's list is far more accurate than MVN's list, in this blogger's not-so-humble opinion. The one change I'd make is replace Gonzo at #9 with Tony Ugoh. Ugoh has a ton of ability, and a talented LT is far more valuable than a WR. Gonzo is more proven, but to me Ugoh is more valuable.