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Worst Christmas Presents on

This is based off of SLC Dunk's Worst Purchases on the Store, except with an NFL flavor.  Let's face it.  The NFL is a league full of whiners and thugs.  Players switch around teams constantly, and can't sell their products fast enough.  The result is a hilarious number of gifts.  If I were to give just one of these to someone for Christmas, it would probably be the last time I would ever see them.

Let's start it off with a division rival.  Who here wants a Vince Young practice jersey?  Remember, it's the only time you'll ever see him touch a football.

Here's a Pacman Jones Cowboys kids' jersey.  There is no better role model in this league than Pacman Jones.  Seriously, this is horrible.

Matt Jones Jaguars jersey.  Cocaine sold seperately.

Why would they have ever made a Rex Grossman jersey?

Is it a coincidence that the Falcons have a  dog jersey but none of the teams above have one?

The Chargers have an accomplishment T-shirt.  The only championship on there is from the AFL.  Maybe they will have better luck in the next 40 years.

Here's your $275 Packers Brett Iscariot jersey.

Do you often forget how terrible of an owner Al Davis is?  Here's a trifecta to remind you.  We've got a Robert Gallery, a Michael Huff and a Darrius Heyward-Bey jersey.

I found a David Carr jersey.  That has to be the worst selling jersey in the history of the NFL to still be on there.  When would be the last time they would make that?  2003?

Here's the jersey of a class of 2006 running back who makes Joseph Addai look like DeAngelo Williams.

So there you go.  These 9 jerseys and 1 shirt are the worst purchases possible on  If these are under the tree on Christmas morning, you will probably soon find crying kids or upset adults.  Seriously, these suck hard.