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Bruce Smith (2009 Hall of Fame inductee) believes Dwight Freeney will one day be in the hall

Bruce Smith was a great player in his day. He played in four Super Bowls. He amassed 200 sacks in 19 NFL seasons and helped turn the Buffalo Bills into an NFL powerhouse. He's had some recent problems with the law, but that does not take away from Smith's impressive and (soon-to-be) Hall of Fame career.

Recently, in an chat, Bruce was asked if any modern day defensive ends could earn a Hall of Fame nod. He only named two. One of them is someone we root for every Sunday:

Jemond Smith, New Orleans

11:44 AM ET

Bruce, Other than yourself, name 4 of the next best DE's that played during your era you strongly believe will make it to the HOF.

Bruce Smith

I'll come up with two. Michael Strahan will obviously be there. I think Dwight Freeney from the Colts also has a great shot.

Wow. Guess Bruce doesn't think much of Julius Peppers, Richard Seymour, or the HIGHLY over-rated Kevin Carter. Not listing Peppers is the biggest omission, but I kind of agree with Bruce there. I've always considered Peppers a bit over-rated. He's known for taking plays off, and any schmuck who doesn't give 100% is not Hall of Fame material, in my humble opinion. Patriots fans will simply claim Bruce was drinking again when he forgot to list Seymour.

FYI: Dwight Freeney has 70.5 career sacks and forced 34 fumbles in seven seasons.