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Luke Links: The ESPN Gets a Little Testy Edition


As you likely have noticed here of late, I've been a bit aggressive in bashing other media colleagues for how they are covering our beloved sport of football. It feels weird referring to people like KC Joyner or writers at ESPN as "colleagues," but I guess that is the level I and my fellow SB Nation bloggers work at now. If you read this article on Dan Shanoff's blog (Dan also writes "The Daily Quickie" at, it sort of puts into context what we (as SB Nation bloggers) do and how the more established, traditional media views us:

Local newspapers' sports power was already under erosion on other fronts, besides ESPN: SB Nation has put together the best collection of team-based blogs found online, across every sport, in every market, with coverage that -- yes -- complements local news, but also goes a long way to displace it. Its distribution deal with Yahoo -- itself a traffic firehose -- amplified that power exponentially.

These are kind (and accurate) words from Shanoff as we enter this new world of people-powered Internet content that is not filtered the way newspapers and other traditional media filtered it before.

OK, short ramble done. Here are your links:

  • Shutdown Corner asks their readers if they agree with KC Joyner's silly post on the NY Times' sports "blog." After reading the comments, most seem to agree that Joyner is a schmuck.
  • National Football Post (via Yahoo) offers their insights into the AFC South and training camps.
  • SB Nation (who I work for) secures more funding. Yay! I no longer have to beg in from of my apartment with a sign reading "Will Blog For Food."
  • Austin Collie's favorite catch was against Notre Dame last year. Somewhere, mgrex03 weeps softly in his pillow.
  • ESPN has banned NY Post reporters from appearing on their programs. The Post printed blurred and backed-out images of the Erin Andrews "peepshow" video. If you don't know what the Erin Andrews "peepshow" video is, you've been under a rock for three days.
  • Fox News, like the NY Post, actually showed the video on one of their political news shows and their morning show. Will ESPN ban them as well? To remain consistent, they should. Realistically, they won't.
  • CBS also showed video of Erin Andrews. Again, I highly doubt ESPN will ban CBS from their crappy programming. It is much easier to look tough by picking on the rag that is the NY Post than it is CBS.
  • ESPN finally relents and posts a something on the the sexual assault case against Ben Roethlisberger.
  • ESPN issues a statement as to why they did not initially report on the sexual assault case against Ben Roethlisberger when the story broke. The excuse is, of course, laughable:
    "At this point, we are not reporting the allegations against Ben Roethlisberger because no criminal complaint has been filed. As far as we know, this is a civil lawsuit that Roethlisberger has yet to address publicly."
    Just FYI everyone-- The Marvin Harrison incident last July (which ESPN covered on an hourly basis) never had a criminal complaint filed. There were no charges. No arrests. Nothing. The only thing there has been in connection with this is... a civil suit; just like the Ben Roethlisberger incident. Oh, and look at this! It's a story on ESPN's website about a woman who might bring a civil suit case against the NBA's Shannon Brown. Lame excuse, ESPN. If you are going BS me, at least try to do it with a straight face, or something.
  • Why didn't ESPN run the Roethlisberger story? Basically, it likely comes down to them not wanting to piss off a recent Super Bowl-winning QB. But, that's just my opinion. One could make an argument that it is racially motivated. Shannon Brown is black, as is Marvin Harrison. Former NFL player Tony Zendajas is involved in a civil lawsuit against the police with no criminal charges filed, and ESPN posted a story on that. In case you don't know, Tony Zendajas is not white, and he isn't a quarterback. While ESPN's motives may not be racially motivated, it certainly does not look good for the Worldwide Leader when they ignore the alleged rape story involving a high profile white guy, but cover similar alledged incidents involving minority players. In my opinion, I think ESPN just didn't want to piss off a big name QB, and they could give a crap about a B-list NBA player, a washed up WR, and an old kicker. There are some good people who work at ESPN (Dan Shanoff, Paul Kahursky, etc.), but the network in general is a factory of sleaze. They have no morals. No integrity. I'm very happy I do not work for them. I'm sure they could care.
  • Nice article on second year TE Tom Santi.
  • John Oehser talks up T.J. Rushing.
  • Interview Part Deux with DT Eric Foster.
  • Mike Chappell returns from his summer-long vacation to update his "blog" on the Colts. As I always say, I like Chappell and I think he does a great job. It's the overall Colts coverage from the Indy Star's coverage that sucks, especially when compared to other (sometimes smaller) media markets.
  • And finally, this link is off-topic, but very relevant to Indiana sports fans-- Jamal Tinsely was waived by the Indiana Pacers. I think this calls for a parade or something.