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Peyton Manning: "My goal is to be a better player this year than I was the year before."

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Leave it to USA Today to post an article that throws more poop in the face of KC Joyner, the "football scientist." Bottom line, if you aren't a member of the Peyton Manning fan club after reading this, stop watching or following football. It's not the sport for you:

Unlike this time last year, when he was headed for July knee surgery that was compounded by a bursa sac infection, Manning is healthy and able to shepherd his young mates through the upheaval.

Not even an April pro-am golf pairing with Tiger Woods in Charlotte kept Manning from meeting his self-imposed leader's responsibility to get a workout in that night.

"My goal is to be a better player this year than I was the year before," Manning told USA TODAY. "I need to have another good offseason, get the timing down with the new receivers and tight ends and backs.

"You better be getting better, because these defensive players are working hard to get better."

It's important to note that Peyton Manning was the MVP of the league last year. He played half of last season on one leg, behind a (as Bill Polian calls it) "patchwork quilt of an offensive line." Yet, despite all this, he helped his team to 12 wins. Now, he wants to get better.

If you are a Colts opponent, be scared...

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