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What To Expect: Quarterbacks

Peyton Manning is the best QB in the game and when he retires will be the best QB in NFL history, but the backups for Manning are question marks.  Jim Sorgi has learned behind Manning for years but would he have the arm strength and overall skill to do what Matt Cassel did?  Was taking Curtis Painter worth it?

The way this works is I ask 10 questions about expectations and predictions for a certain position, today being QBs.

1. Over/under on Peyton Manning touchdown passes: 34.5 TDs

2. Do you expect Peyton Manning to win a record-breaking 4th MVP? (not just this year but over his entire career)

3. How many more years do you expect Peyton to play?

4. What will Peyton have to do to stop people like KC Joyner hating on him?

5. Over/under on Peyton Manning passing yards: 4100.5 yards

6. Do you expect Jim Sorgi to keep his backup QB job?

7. Do you expect Curtis Painter to make the active roster, make the practice squad or get cut overall?

8. Do you expect Jim Sorgi or Curtis Painter to ever start a game in the NFL?

9. Will Sorgi get an extension from the team after his contract runs up in 2010?

10. Will Peyton Manning ever play for another NFL team?

My answers are after the jump.

1. Over but just barely.  He will throw 35 touchdown passes.

2. No.  Players like Adrian Peterson and Matt Forte will keep on getting better and stop him from breaking Favre and Unitas' record.

3. 5 more years.

4. He will have to win another Super Bowl while beating the Patriots on the way to the Super Bowl.  It seems like he wouldn't have to do that twice to prove to those people that he is a once-in-two-lifetimes kind of talent.

5. Under.  Brown and Addai will take away a lot of his yards.

6. Yes, pretty easily too.

7. He will make the practice squad.

8. No.  They both may start a UFL game someday though.

9. No.  In either next year's draft or the year after Polian will take a QB on the second day (which now means high in the draft).

10. No way.  Polian would never let that happen, and he isn't the Favre personality that would try and get revenge on a team for no apparent reason.