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Know Your Colts History: Character in Numbers (67-99)


You know the deal folks, I'm out to describe every player on the Colts roster using the same number of characters as their jersey number.  This week we wrap up our series by focusing on players 67-99.

#67 Tony Ugoh - Some say that he's a softie but I wouldn't try to mess with him

#68 Eric FosterStill won't allow anyone into Pitt endzone, not even the mowers.

#69 Tom Pestock - Pays tribute to his dad by wearing a ring on a chain around his neck.

#71 Ryan Diem - Hates when people group him Lilja because they have the same name.

#72 Corey Hilliard - Practice squad guy he was waived and re-signed in a 3 day period in 2008

#73 Jamie Thomas - Should be good friend with Lance Ball from time at University of Maryland

#74 Charlie JohnsonHis performance in SBXLI subbing for Tarik Glenn should never be forgotten His performance in SB XLI subbing for Ryan Diem should never be forgotten.

#75 Michael Touduze - If you transferred the hair on his chin to his head, he'd have a nice afro.

#76 Dan Federkeil - Making Canadians proud about something other than hockey and Shania Twain...

#78 Mike Pollak - Not the flashiest pick that Polian ever made, but he'll pay dividends quickly.

#79 Raheem Brock - The underrated glue guy that keeps the Colts stellar pass rush attacking the QB

#80 Jamie Petrowski - Went to Indiana St. like Larry Bird, but he probably won't have the same legacy.

#81 Roy Hall - By far the most intriguing guy on the roster, hopefully he stays healthy this yr.

#83 John Matthews - Played at U. of San Diego, which means he was coached by Jim Harbaugh at one point.

#84 Jacob TammeHis late TD catch against the Texans saved the season more than most people realize. Gets very easily confused with fellow tight end Tom Santi. Kinda like Dallas Clark..

#85 Pierre Garcon - If he blows up, the jokes about his French-sounding name will never ever cease, sadly

#86 Tom Santi - Went to the University of Virginia, so I'm going to guess that he enjoys riding yachts

#87 Reggie Wayne - What you get when you combine Reggie Jackson and Bruce Wayne together to make a wideout

#90 Daniel Muir - Faces an uphill but not impossible battle this yr against newly acquired defensive tackles

#92 Marcus Howard - His position should be changed from defensive end to "havoc wreaker". It's much more apropos

#93 Dwight Freeney - His hate list includes: 1. Quarterbacks 2. Gold Diggers 3. Other people who get too much $$$.

#94 Curtis Johnson - You don't see too many NFL players come from Clark Atlanta University. Good scouting by Polian

#95 Fili Moala - Shouldn't take long for this guy to endear himself to the Colts' fanbase everyone loves big DTs

#96 Keyunta Dawson - He's a bit undersized, but he holds his own out there. Should still be part of the DT rotation..

#97 Pat Kuntz - That name + Going to Notre Dame = Won't be an easy transition to the pros. Let's hope he manages.

#98 Robert Mathis - Has extra large letters stitched on his jersey so opponents know who is going past as he sacks QB.

#99 Antonio Johnson - You probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference between him and Curtis Johnson. That's alright