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Dwight Dixon thinks Marvin Harrison sent someone to kill him, also likely thinks Bat-Boy was found in cave

Editors Note: I humbly beg Kissing Suzy Kolber's forgiveness for accidentally calling Dwight Dixon "Dennis" Dixon. Dennis Dixon was once a QB for the Oregon Ducks, not the guy who is unconscious in a Philly hospital with seven holes in his body. However, since nobody outside of Oregon gives a flying rat's ass about PAC-10 Oregon football, we figured no one would freak out about the mistake. Turns out we were wrong. Again, on our knees, begging forgiveness. --bbs

Apparently, Dennis Dwight Dixon, the man who lied to police about the Marvin Harrison shooting incident last year, is still unconscious after getting shot seven times in Philadelphia. However, prior to blacking out after the shooting, Philadelphia Daily News reporter David Gambacorta says "a law-enforcement source close to the investigation" heard Dixon claim Marvin Harrison hired the gunman

Police still don't know who shot and critically wounded Dwight Dixon in Fairmount on Tuesday, but Dixon apparently had one person in mind.

Moments after a gunman riddled Dixon with seven bullets, the bloodied 33-year-old told a police officer he believed the gunman had been hired by NFL star Marvin Harrison, said a law-enforcement source close to the investigation.

Sigh. Just to recap, Dixon lied to police last year and was convicted of a misdemeanor because of it. He claimed Marvin Harrison shot him after a bar fight despite a lack of evidence to back up his claim. Police never considered Harrison a suspect in the shooting, even though members of ESPN's "illustrious" press corps (namely, Sal Paolantonio) seemingly did. Police never charged Harrison with anything. They suspected that the gun used in the shooting incident belonged to Harrison, but there was not enough proof to back up that suspicion. The Philly DA dropped the case a few months later.

Now, after getting involved in another sketchy incident, Dixon is saying Harrison wants him dead. Obviously, one cannot seriously believe the opinions of a known and convicted liar. And how Dixon would know Marvin Harrison hired someone to kill him is also puzzling. Unless he's got a receipt or something, this is likely another one of Dixon's lies aimed at tarnishing Harrison. Thankfully, the police don't seem to be buying it (emphasis mine):

Harrison isn't a suspect in the shooting, and investigators have not found evidence to link him to the incident, the source noted.

Police "won't know what made him say that until he wakes up," the source said.

We hope Mr. Dixon makes a full recovery.

We also hope the established media stops reporting what this guy says to anyone who will listen.