Moore and Mudd get their jobs back.

Good news for us!

Colts get full green light on Mudd and Moore Posted by Mike Florio on July 25, 2009 10:55 AM ET

In a development that surely will prompt employees of some other teams to roll their eyes and attribute the news to the perceived power and influence of Colts president and G.M. Bill Polian, the NFL reportedly has informed the 32 teams that consultants have no limitations on their game-day activities.

Jason LaCanfora of NFL Network reported during the most recent edition of Total Access (which I watched listened to on my Palm Pre while driving this morning) that the league office sent an e-mail this week to all clubs explaining the official position on the rules applicable to consultants.

Essentially, the rules are there ain't no rules (yeah, we're good for a Moonface quote every once in a while).

As LaCanfora explained, this means that former Colts offensive line coach Howard Mudd and former Colts offensive coordinator Tom Moore will be able to do anything and everything on game day.

So, basically, they can do what they did as full-time employees, even though they no longer are -- and even though they have been replaced, at least in title.

That's great news for the Colts, who already are dealing with extensive turnover at various other coaching positions, including head coach, defensive coordinator, and special-teams coordinator.

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