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What To Expect: Running Backs

The Colts have star power at running back.  Donald Brown and Mike Hart were stars in college.  Joseph Addai is a newsworthy player around here, but it's not always for good reason.  Chad Simpson and Lance Ball, well they aren't stars in the NFL, but Simpson was a pretty good track runner.  It is hard to limit this group to just ten questions.  There are 5 running backs, and I could get ten for each one if I tried.  This should be fun.  These guys do get people talking on Stampede Blue.

1. Who do you expect to get more carries in 2009: Joseph Addai or Donald Brown?

2. Do you expect Donald Brown to have as good of a rookie year as Joseph Addai had in 2006?

3. Do you expect Joseph Addai to be the starting running back in 2010?

4. Do you expect Joseph Addai to get a new contract after 2010?

5. Do you expect Donald Brown to be in the Rookie of the Year talks?

6. Do you expect Mike Hart to get the third running back job even after his knee injury?

7. Who do you expect to be on the roster come September: Lance Ball or Chad Simpson?

8a. If you expect Lance Ball to be on the roster, will he be the goal line back?

8b. If you expect Chad Simpson to be on the roster, will he be one of the kick returners?

9. Do you expect Joseph Addai to have a bounceback year?

10. Which back to you expect to have the most yards?

My answers are after the jump.

1. Addai by around 40 carries.

2. Brown will not get over 1000 yards, so I say no.

3. Yes, he will still be the starter in 2010.

4. No he will not be re-signed UNLESS he is able to come back for less than 3 million a year.

5. Not with all of the offensive talent picked early in this draft, but he could easily be the best rookie running back.

6. Hart will get the 3rd running back job back in Week 6 after he comes off of the PUP list.

7. Lance Ball will be on the roster.  Chad Simpson will not.

8. He will be the goal line back until Mike Hart rejoins the team.  In that period I expect him to have a couple of rushing touchdowns.

9. Yes.  Addai will average above 4 yards a carry and stay healthy now that Brown will complement him.

10. Addai will have the most yards by about 160 yards.  Brown will have a good season, and Hart will show us why we loved him so much in the 2008 preseason.

Now it is your turn.  Please don't get into a huge Addai argument.  Those never end well.