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Howard Mudd and Tom Moore given OK from NFL to return to their regular, full-time duties

In a move that was pretty much expected, the NFL has informed Howard Mudd and Tom Moore that there are no limitations on the roles they can perform as "consultants" for the Indianapolis Colts. How do I know this? Well, let's just say I'm willing to believe this one story from Pro Football Talk. Why do I believe it? Because Mike Florio has little reason to lie or make something up regarding this issue.

However, in typical Florio fashion, he throws out a snarky comment that, quite frankly, seems to come straight from his bunghole [emphasis mine]:

In a development that surely will prompt employees of some other teams to roll their eyes and attribute the news to the perceived power and influence of Colts president and G.M. Bill Polian, the NFL reportedly has informed the 32 teams that consultants have no limitations on their game-day activities.

I guess this is the point in the blog post where I remind Mike Florio that the Denver Broncos did the exact same thing with their then-offensive line coach (Alex Gibbs) in 2001. Gibbs was also a consultant with the Atlanta Falcons. He is now the assistant head coach with the Houston Texans.

I'm sure NFL people "rolled their eyes at the power of Mike Shanahan and Rich McKay when the Broncos and Falcons were allowed to use Gibbs as a consultant. Rather, people pretty much roll their eyes at most of the BS that flies off Florio's keyboard.

For Mudd and Moore, this means the will do this year what they have done for this team for over a decade. Camp opens in nine days.

Tip to hoosierdore.