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Camps around the NFL beginning to open for the 2009 season

Yesterday, the Buffalo Bills opened their camp. Today, the Eagles, Patriots, Texans, and Chargers open camp. Tomorrow, players for the Broncos, Ravens, and Jets are required to report to their respective camps.

It's starting, folks. Football is finally starting.

As camps begin, we are already getting camp reports from our network bloggers.

We are also getting news regarding rookie holdouts. Currently, very few round picks are signed. This means that, baring some kind of last minute negotiation by many teams, teams like the Eagles and Chargers could start camp without their top rookies. We do know that Ziggy Hood just signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers. The contract is for five years with 6 million in guaranteed money. This is significant for the Colts because their first round pick, Donald Brown, was drafted two spots higher than Hood.

We also have the good news that Tom Moore and Howard Mudd are returning to their old duties full time. Camp for the Colts opens in 8 days!

Go Colts!