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What to Expect: Receivers/Tight Ends

This may be the most interesting position on the team.  A future Hall of Famer just left, a player out of D-III is the favorite for the slot receiver job, and the H-back spot should be a fierce competition.  Peyton Manning has some great targets to throw to, including 3 first round picks and some up-and-coming wide receivers and tight ends.  As many of you know, I am a huge Tom Santi fan and I expect him to be one of the sleepers for this season.  As always, here are the questions.  I'm doing 15 because of the number of players in these two units.

1. Over/under on Reggie Wayne's touchdowns: 7.5

2. Over/under on Anthony Gonzalez receiving yards: 750.5

3. Over/under on Dallas Clark receptions: 70.5

4. Over/under on Pierre Garcon receiving yards: 555.5

5. Who do you expect will win the third receiver spot?

6. who do you expect will win the H-back job?

7. Do you expect Austin Collie to have an impact on offense this season?

8. Do you expect a receiver to be the kick returner this season?

9. Do you expect Pierre Garcon to be the slot receiver in 2011?

10. Do you expect Reggie Wayne to be a Hall of Famer?

11. Do you expect Austin Collie to have the success Brandon Stokley had in Indy?

12. Do you expect Roy Hall to make the roster, and if so will he have an impact on offense?

13. Do you expect either Jacob Tamme or Tom Santi to pass Gijon Robinson at some point in the season?

14. Will an undrafted free agent make the team or practice squad at receiver or tight end?

15. How many players will have a receiving touchdown this season?

My answers are after the jump.

1. Over, 9 touchdowns.

2. Way over, 900 yards.

3. Under, 64

4. Under, 525

5. Pierre Garcon will be the main slot receiver, but Collie will have his fair share of time there.

6. Gijon Robinson will start the first game, but Tom Santi will be starting by Week 6.

7. Yes.  He will have at least 200 yards.

8. Austin Collie will be returning alongside TJ Rushing.

9. No, the Colts will have traded him.

10. No, but he will be damn close when it's all said and done.

11. He will be here for a while, but he will never have 1000 yards or 10 touchdowns in one season.

12. He will not make the roster.

13. Yes, Tom Santi will pass Gijon Robinson.

14. Yes, John Matthews will make the practice squad along with Sam Giguere.

15. 9, Clark, Robinson, Santi, Wayne, Gonzalez, Garcon, Collie, Addai, Brown

I'm excited about these groups.  That's for sure.