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Colts sign rookie punter Pat McAfee

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As GoHorse88 FanPosted (via the Indy Star), seventh round pick Pat McAfee has been signed. Terms of the deal are not, as yet, known. McAfee was drafted to replace Indy's longtime punter (and Christian rock singer), Hunter Smith. Smith signed a free agent contract with the Redskins this off-season. 

McAfee is a man of many talents. He can punt, kick field goals, wrestle grown men in pig masks, and act as a pitch man Tampax tampons. The video of his fake tampons endorsement was taken down by the no fun Nazis, but trust us when we say that Pat McAfee will certainly add some much needed humor to the Colts locker room.

Oh, don't ever confuse Pat McAfee with that other kicker from West Virginia associated with the Colts. If you do, Pat might just have to pwn your ass, like he did this kick returner from MSU:

Welcome to the Colts, Pat. We're looking forward to seeing you kick ass, take names, and NOT out-kick your coverage mates, as Hunter Smith always seemed to do.