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Estimating the Rookie Contracts- McAfee, Painter and Thomas

(Updated to include Jaimie Thomas)

Continuing from the first installment and the two fourth round picks, to the late rounders including the just signed (link) Pat McAfee

Recapping the cap (non) situation, the Colts have been allotted just over 4mil for signing rookes of 7.5 to 8 million in cap room. They are unlikely to need very much of that space to sign the rookies. The biggest reason being that every rookie signed bumps a minimum salary player out of the top 51 of the roster, meaning that 310K comes off the cap at the same time as the signed rookie's hit goes on.

To the late rounders,

Curtis Painter (#201 overall)


Last year Tom Santi was taken (#196 overall) and recieved a 4 year 1.805million dollar contract, with a 100K signing bonus. Steve Justice taken (#201 over) last year got a 4 year 1.80mil contract with a 95K signing bonus. Both the players to either side of Painter signed deals worth 1.84million in total, with Brandon Myers getting a 90K bonus, and DeAndre Wright 92K.

My estimate- 4 years 1.84million, 100K bonus, 335K '09 cap hit

running total (4 picks) 1.635mil

Pat McAfee (#222 overall)


Last year Jamey Richard (#236 overall) signed for 4 years, 1.74 million with a 37K signing bonus.

3 picks ahead and 2 picks behind are the closest signed players with contract terms disclosed. Niners saftey Curtis Taylor (#219 overall) signed for 4 years 1.80 million with a 60K signing bonus. Broncos lineman Blake Schlueter (#125 overall) will get 1.81 million with a 57K signing bonus

My estimate- 4 years, 1.80million, 65K bonus, 327K '09 cap hit

running total (5 picks) 1.962mil

Jaime Thomas (#236 overall)


Last year the Colts drafted a Jay-Me in the exact same place in the draft Jamey Richard (#236 overall) signed for 4 years, 1.74 million with a 37K signing bonus.

At pick number 232 Julian Edelman signed for 4 years 1.8million with a 49K signing bonus. Two picks after Thomas Stoney Woodson got 1.8mil and a 45K bonus in a 4 year deal.

My estimate- 4 years, 1.80million, 55K bonus, 324k '09 cap hit

running total (6 picks) 2.286mil