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Estimating the Rookie Contracts-Fili Moala

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Now getting into the first day of the draft.

Powers, Collie/Taylor, Painter/McAfee/Thomas, estimates linked in their names. Powers, McAfee and Thomas are already signed with a Painter deal reportedly close.

Fili Moala (#56 overall)



Mike Pollak (#59 overall) got a 4 year deal worth 3.01mil with 1.3million in bonus last year. This season, the pick after Moala, Paul Kruger (#57 overall) signed for 4 years, 3.25million with 1.5million guaranteed. A few spots in front of Moala, (#53 overall) LeSean McCoy's deal was for 3.47 million with 1.72million guaranteed and a 357K incentive for playing time.

My estimate-4 years, 3.30million, 1.65million in gurantees, 723K '09 cap hit

running total (7 picks) 3.009mil,