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Colts sign QB Curtis Painter and OG Jaimie Thomas

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GoHorse88 has been on it today! I think it's fair to say that Indy cutting seven players yesterday was to make room for a rush of rookie signings. Via the Indy Star, the Colts signed 6th rounder Curtis Painter (QB, Purdue) and 7th rounder Jaimie Thomas (OG, Maryland) today. Terms of the deals are not as yet released, but shake n bake has speculated on what the deals could be.

Donald Brown (1st round), Fili Moala (2nd round), Austin Collie (4th round), and Terrance Taylor (5th round) are still unsigned. Camp opens in four days.

Shake edit: Taylor has been signed (tip it to metalmilitia snaging one out from under GoHorse88's watchful gaze)