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Luke Links: The TWO DAYS TO CAMP! Edition

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Two more days until Training Camp 2009 officially begins for the Indianapolis Colts! We did not do a Luke Links earlier this week because we were too busy bashing ESPN senselessly for their shameful ethics when it comes to sports reporting. Yet, despite our wicked beatdown of the Worldwide Leader, ESPN's own Paul Kuharsky did not take it personally. He was kind enough to dedicate his Thursday link dump title to one of our articles: MasterRWayne's The Stretch Play.

Despite how horrible his employer is, Stampede Blue thanks Paul for not assuming our merciless decapitation of ESPN is a reflection on him personally. Paul's a good guy. We still haven't forgiven him for his opinions on Brady v. Manning, but in general he's good.

Here are the links:

  • One should always Know Their Colts History.
  • Despite a horrible economy, people still have money to see Colts games. Remember when the anti-stadium crowd kept screaming that the new Lucas Oil Stadium would never sell out? This is a good example of smart people (pro-stadium crowd) ignoring dumb people (anti-stadium crowd). Restaurants and businesses downtown are struggling, but if they did not have The Luke they'd be closed right now.
  • 18to88 doesn't like MasterRWayne's The Stretch Play. I don't agree with their critique of the article, nor do I agree with their opening paragraph, which states "10 years ago, Colts fans were among the least educated in football.  Today I read an article that wound the clock back 10 years." I do, however, appreciate them reading and breaking down the article.
  • Paul Kuharsky talks with Gary Brackett, who tells Paul his favorite hit was the one in the 2005 playoffs where he leveled Jerome Bettis on the one yard line, causing that legendary fumble. Too bad Mike Vanderchoke Vanderjadt couldn't deliver for Gary.
  • The Sporting News says 12 wins this year for the Colts.

Finally, I'm giving you all an update on two things. First, I'm still waiting to hear from SB Nation on what deal we have in place for Fantasy Football in 2009. We might stay with the same provider (Flea Flicker). We might not. I have no idea. Until I get more info, we're in limbo. Like last year, we will likely do two leagues; maybe three, if lots of people want in. I don't know if I want to manage a league because of all the other duties I have here and at other blogs (like Mocking The Draft).

The second item is this weekend, before training camp opens, I am going to follow in 18to88's footsteps and really rip into Cold Hard Football Schmucks Facts. I mean, we're talking legendary ripping. I had an exchange with them, off blog, regarding a story and let's just say it didn't go well. I usually let stuff like that go, but if any group of asshats deserves getting their behinds handed to them, it's these arrogant jerks. Keep an eye out this weekend for the CHFF beatdown. And hide the kids.