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Luke Links: Remembering Steve McNair

For much of this week we will see and read more details about the tragic death of former-Titans and Ravens QB Steve McNair. Some of those details could be shocking or perhaps scandalous. Or, hopefully, the facts will reveal in greater detail what we already know; that this was a terrible tragedy. One thing that might also get discussed is Steve McNair's overall legacy as a football player. In some cases, his career might get overblown or romanticized because... well, that's what we do to cope with loss. At the present, I see nothing wrong with that. After a time, we'll be able to properly discuss McNair's legacy as a QB.

Right now, we just mourn his and his girlfriend's untimely passing.

  • The Big Lead speculates on who killed McNair. Currently, it is not a foregone conclusion that it was a murder-suicide, with McNair's 20-year-old girlfriend pulling the trigger. 
  • Reggie Hayes writes a wonderful article about how Steve McNair helped motivate Peyton Manning. Very nice article.
  • Old article from The Sporting News discussing the 2003 co-MVPs: Peyton Manning and Steve McNair.
  • Mike Lupica does what Mike Lupica always does: Spew stupid crap in the vain attempt to appear interesting or comelling. Lupica's writing, along with his personality, is crass and self-important. Link from MCM.
  • Speaking of MCM, they have more details about McNair's death.
  • Clint Session is in the best shape of his life, or so he says. Moving Session to WILL linebacker is an excellent decision on Caldwell and Coyer's part. Session is a vicious hitter who seems more comfortable in coverage than Freddy Keiaho was. 
  • Pro Football Weekly has a new blog about non-NFL football leagues, including the CFL. I watched the Rough Riders play the Lions this past weekend. It is so weird watching a football game where the receivers can get a ten yeard running start behind the line of scrimmage. I did not see Kenton Keith play.
  • God, I miss football. Less than a month to camp folks! Less than a month!