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5 Players You'd like to Kick in the Nuts

A funny FanPost at Behind The Steel Curtain asks Steelers fans to name five players they'd like to punch.

So here it is, the top 5 NFL players who I would love to punch in the face. It sounds stink I know, but its hard to like some players out there, and if I were lucky enough to find these guys in a dark alley.....alone....tied up....restrained or unconscious, I would definitely take a swing : )

Before I begin, P.Manning is already a first ballot lock for Hall of Fame honors, and he deserves that thoroughly. One of the smartest and most technically sound Quarterbacks to ever play the game. I have respect for his skill, and the time he takes to study the game and make sure he is as ready as possible come game time. However the reason he makes my list is this. I get sick of this guys flapping arms, pointing, stepping, shouting during pre-snap. Just hike the damn ball! I swear to god every time I see this guy use up the entire play clock waving his arms about like hes directing rush hour traffic, just to see him hand the ball off for a measly couple yard gain, it drives me insane! And to make matters worse, the people at EA Sports orchestrate that into the Madden game! I cant get rid of it! I'm sorry Peyton, but if I met you in a dark alley....I would have to hit you in the face.

While I'm sure the 6'5, 220 pound Peyton Manning would be able to hold his own against any Steelers fan, Steeler_'s post is very funny and offers an interesting glimpse into the players that truly annoy Steelers fans.

Now the question is, Who annoys us Colts fans?

Since we would never condone violence against any player, we'll make our title (and question) a bit more playful (and juvenille, because we are). What five players would you like to kick square in the jewels?

I'll list mine first:

  1. Rodney Harrison: Yes, he's retired. He's also a cheater, dirty player, and out-and-out scumbag. You really have to look far and wide to find other players that like or respect him. Just a skeezy, pathetic little turd of a man.
  2. Jay Cutler: He grew up in Southern Indiana, but was a Bears fan as a kid? Huh? I grew up when he grew up (and my family is from the same area), and back then Jimmy Harbaugh was making miracles with the Colts while the Bears stunk under then-coach Dave Wannestadt. What a punk! 
  3. Chad Ochocinco: Do I really need to explain this one?
  4. Terrell Owens: ESPN used to have a TO ticker when they would run scores across the bottom of the screen. The guy hasn't helped a team win a playoff game in over a decade, yet networks fawn all over him when he talks. He also got pwned recently by a supermodel.
  5. Byron Leftwich: Hey, he's got a ring now. I guess (by ESPN's standard) he's now just as good as Peyton Manning. This fat, silly player whined like a pampered school kid everytime the Colts kicked the crap out of him and his team, the Jaguars. He once tried to throw a pass from his knees, got hit while making the throw, and then complained to the ref after mouthing off to Colts assistant coach John Teerlick on the sidelines. Dude is in serious need of a foot to his testies.

Who are your five?