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Darrell Reid tweets Colts player nicknames to Raheem Brock (Is Manning "Frog?")

Once again, the power of Twitter connects fans with players, players with other players, and others players with fans. It also connects former-Colts with current Colts, and makes for some very humorous banter, especially around this time of year.

Take, for example, this recent conversation (quoted below). Footz95 is former-Colts defensive tackle (now Broncos linebacker) Darrell Reid. Current Colts DT Raheem Brock tweeted Reid from training camp in Terre Haute. Here's the chit-chat:

  • RaheemBrock @Footz95 Yo son, ki said take it easy on him when we play we got money on whos gonna drop first
  • Footz95 @RaheemBrock H@h@... tell him they know better then 2 let me down 2 the wedge without a double. Especially wit the new wedge rules...
  • Footz95 @RaheemBrock How's Camp Anyway? Tell All The Boys That I'm Cool Wit I Said What Up 3 Times. Free, Rob, Weezie, Gonz, Dallas, AV, Ty, Clint
  • Footz95 @RaheemBrock Kel, Jack, Bob, Freddie, TJ, Coe, Hart, Ty From Jerz, Ugoh, Charlie, Sorj, Joe Joe, Wally, Bone, Erin, B, T, Frog, Dougie Fresh
  • RaheemBrock @Footz95 No is straight tho...what they got you playn? LB?
  • Just like the rest of us, Brock seems a little perplexed that Denver's new Bill Belichick wannabe (head coach Josh McDaniels) has moved a pretty serviceable DT to linebacker in Denver's new defense. But, then again, this is the coaching genius who thought replacing Jay Cutler with Kyle Orton (or Matt Cassel) was a step up.

    The fun thing to come out of this conversation is the nicknames Reid applies to current Colts players or coaches. Some are obvious (AV= Adam Vinatieri, Free= Dwight Freeney, etc.). Some aren't. And while we can pick a ton of players out of this group, Peyton Manning's name is not an obvious one, unless he's one of the more colorful nicknames.

    Is Peyton "Frog?" "Bone?" "Weezie?" "Dougie Fresh?"

    Or, was Peyton just not all that buddy-buddy to Reid during his tenure? It is neat to see players like back-up QB Jim Aorgi, kicker Adam Vinatieri, and WR Anthony Gonzalez all mentioned as people Reid misses. It gives us insight into how close this organization is with both current and former players, regardless of whether they play defense, special teams, or offense. Just recently, former-Colts DB Joseph Jefferson (remember him?) was at Colts training camp. He's retired from football after battled numerous injuries during his short career, and is now a coaching intern with the Colts, working with defensive backs.

    It's cool that so many old faces still have such strong connections to the team. It makes the Colts organization that much more special.