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Get those ugly Michael Vick thoughts out of your heads, Colts fans

Last night, former-Colts coach Tony Dungy (who is now retired and acting as a mentor for former-Falcons QB Michael Vick) was interviewed in the NBC broadcast booth during the Hall of Fame game. Dungy was asked about whether Vick would sign with a team soon:

During Sunday night’s NBC broadcast of the Hall of Fame game, Dungy said, "I’ve talked to quite a few coaches who want to get my thoughts on where (Vick) is."

Dungy says Vick has talked to several teams. Dungy says he believes the former Falcons’ quarterback will be with a team before training camp ends.

One popular rumor is that the Indianapolis Colts are interested in Vick, especially since their longtime back-up QB (Jim Sorgi) just injured his hamstring and will be likely out for the rest of pre-season. But before people start speculating about things they do not understand (like whether Bill Polian will sign Michael Vick because his buddy, Tony Dungy, asked him pretty please), they should take note of the following:

  • Michael Vick has absolutely no chance to play for the Colts. None. Zero. Their current QB is pretty good (so I'm told) and the Colts have no plans to install any kind of "Wild Cat" offense. So, Vick would just be a walking distraction on the sideline, likely getting more publicity than the players actually playing. The Colts don't mess with B.S. like that. Never have.
  • While I'm sure (and hopeful) that Vick has rehabilitated himself, the fact is he hasn't played football in over two years, and when he did play he was known as a dumb player. Dumb as in "not very intelligent" when throwing the football. And contrary to popular belief, you must have brains to play quarterback in the NFL. Look no further than the bust known as Vince Young for a more recent example of stupidity under center. To play in the Colts offense, especially the QB position, you must have brains. Indy runs a no-huddle attack that gives the QB the entire playbook to choose from at the line of scrimmage. Somehow, methinks Vick would struggle with this, especially after missing one week of camp.
  • Jim Caldwell pretty much stated Indy will not pursue Vick.
  • While Dungy is well respected, and much loved, in the Colts family, the fact is he never had personnel control over the team during his tenure. Polian did. So, while I'm sure Bill Polian has entertained the notion, the decision is squarely his, and knowing Polian he will not touch Vick with a ten foot cattle prong.

In my opinion, teams that will likely make a play for Vick are the Packers, Seahawks, Patriots, or perhaps even the Bears. But the Colts? No way. Get the dirty thought out of your mind.