Colts release first depth chart

Depth Chart

Few notes:

  • PUP players were put at the bottom of the depth chart. So please don't go jump off a bridge after seeing Bob Sanders listed as a third-stringer.
  • Antonio Johnson is the starter at NT over Daniel Muir. This shouldn't come as much of a surprise, considering most of us were very high on Mookie during the offseason to win the job. Whether it's Johnson, Muir, or even Taylor, I think the Colts are going to be very comfortable at the position this year. Also, we need to come up with a nickname for DT's now, providing they preform well. The Vikings have the Williams Wall, so what could the Johnsons be? The Juncture? Help me out here.
  • Robert Mathis has once again been inserted into the starting lineup over Raheem Brock. Personally, I prefer Mathis in a situational pass rusher role, but I doubt it will matter much come game time.
  • Chad Simpson is listed as the kick returner, ahead of T.J. Rushing. I had him written off my mock roster, but I guess he's going to stick.
  • Pierre Garcon is listed as the 3rd receiver, but I'm guessing that's subject to change, as is the entire depth chart throughout preseason.

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