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What to Expect: Defensive Backs

This is the penultimate What to Expect, and it should be finished by the preseason opener on Friday against the Vikings.  The secondary is the best group on the team in my opinion.  They were one of the best secondaries in the league last season and set an NFL record for the least amount of touchdown passes in NFL history (6).  With Bob Sanders at least starting the season healthy and hopefully ending it healthy and Marlin Jackson being healthy, this could be a very special group.  The depth is amazing, so there will be 15 questions this time.

1. Do you expect Antoine Bethea to be re-signed after this season?

2. Do you expect Marlin Jackson to be re-signed after this season?

3. Do you expect Tim Jennings to be re-signed after this season?

4. Do you expect Bob Sanders to play 13 or more games this season?

5. Who do you expect to be the nickelback this season?

6. Do you expect Jamie Silva to make the roster?

7. Do you expect Dante Hughes to make the roster?

8. Do you expect Melvin Bullitt to have an impact close to the one he had last year?

9. Do you expect Kelvin Hayden to be a Pro Bowler at some point in the next 3 years?

10. Do you expect a Colts defensive back to be in the Pro Bowl this season?

11. Over/under on the opponents' touchdown passes: 9.5

12. Over/under on Antoine Bethea interceptions: 3.5

13. Over/under on Bob Sanders tackles: 65.5

14. Do you expect Jerraud Powers to get significant playing time next year?

15. What will the 2010 defensive starting backfield + nickelback look like?

1. Yes, Bethea will get a nice new contract.

2. No, Marlin will be playing in Tampa in 2010.

3. No, Jennings will be gone.

4. Yes, but it is a crapshoot with Sanders.  This is possibly the healthiest he's been going into a season right now.

5. Jennings will start as nickelback, but Dante Hughes will take over by Week 8.

6. No, Silva will be one of the final cuts and will possibly rejoin the team due to an injury to a safety.  If not, he will play in the UFL and get a job in the NFL in December.

7. Hughes will easily make the roster.  Michael Coe and TJ Rushing will be the odd men out.

8. Bullitt will be a great special teams player, but unless there is an injury he will probably not be able to get another four interceptions.

9. No.  The Tampa-2 is not ideal for a cornerback to get the stats necessary to get to the Pro Bowl.

10. Yes.  Bob Sanders or Antoine Bethea will make the Pro Bowl.

11. Over now that there is a run defense.

12. Over.  He will have 4 interceptions.

13. Under.  He will have between 55 and 65, but not over 65.

14. Yes, he will get nice playing time on special teams.  On defense?  Not so much.

15. Hayden and Hughes will be the starting cornerbacks with Jerraud Powers at nickelback.  Sanders and Bethea will be the safeties.