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2009 Colts Training Camp: News and notes from 8/11/09 afternoon practice

Again, Murphy's Law. Last week was injury-free and uneventful in terms of surprises. This week the exact opposite. I've collected a few notes after reading some reports from camp, like PhilB's blog, Indy Football Report, and other reports:

  • RT Ryan Diem injured his back in the afternoon practice, which was in pads. Replacing him at RT was not Charlie Johnson, but Tony Ugoh, the recently demoted LT. Of course, we all know it makes far more sense to have Johnson at RT and Ugoh at LT, but that is not Jim Caldwell's way. Ugh.
  • With Ugoh filling in for Diem, that is going to make it a tad difficult for him to "win back" his starting LT spot. Between Charlie playing LT (a position he stinks at) and Ugoh playing RT (a position he has never played... ever), the Colts o-line struggled.
  • The defense continues to give OC Jeff Saturday fits. Saturday claimed this defense is as good at getting to the QB as any defense he's seen in Indy. Saturday has played for the Colts since 1999.
  • Dallas Clark sat out his second practice.
  • Antonio Johnson is the starting NT now. Daniel Muir back to second unit.
  • Marlin Jackson looks strong and did well covering Reggie Wayne in the red zone drills.

More news and notes after the jump...

  • Antoine Bethea snatched a pass away from Peyton Manning in the red zone drills. Peyton threw several picks in the drills.
  • Bob Sanders will visit with Dr. James Andrews to have another look at his knee. The meeting may be for Andrews to give Bob the green light to practice. 
  • The walk through in the morning and pads practice in the afternoon is a departure from training camps in the past. Under Tony Dungy, it was the opposite.
  • Austin Collie continues to get lots of reps at the slot receiver spot. Pierre Garcon, while listed as the #3 receiver, is not playing slot. Right now, Collie is the guy who is the real #3 receiver, regardless of the depth chart.

Don't expect to see a lot of Peyton Manning this Friday night. Curtis Painter nad newly re-signed QB Chris Crane will get most of the snaps against the Vikings.