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2009 Colts Training Camp: News and notes from 8/12/09 morning practice

This morning the Colts were in shorts and helmets again, performing a glorified walk-through. As always, the immortal Eric Hartz is tweeting a storm from Rose Hulman. Here are some notes from his tweets:

  • Ed Johnson and Antonio Johnson are the starting DTs.
  • Ryan Diem was not at practice was there but did not practice. Charlie Johnson played LT, Tony Ugoh played RT. 
  • Diem did not have a brace or wrap on his back.
  • Roy Hall sat out the walk through as did Dallas Clark (again) and Tom Santi.
  • Team worked on blitz pick-up.

More after the jump...

  • Reggie Wayne and Austin Collie alternated reps at the slot receiver position.
  • Pierre Garcon played many reps at right receiver position. The Colts are not using Garcon as a slot receiver.
  • Colts experimented with having Fili Moala at DE. Eric says that it seems more "scout team"-like than anything else (meaning Moala is emulating what the Vikings like to do on do line).
  • Antoine Bethea also sat out the walk through. Matt Giordano replaced him.

There is an afternoon practice scheduled as well today. We'll have news and notes from that practice as well.