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2009 Colts Training Camp: News and notes from 8/12/09 afternoon practice

The morning practice was a casual walk-through, as several practices this training camp have been. The emphasis was on the mental side of the game, focusing on situations like goal-line offense, wide receiver run blocking, etc. In the afternoon, the colts put on their pads and started hitting. Head coach Jim Caldwell stressed how important this afternoon's practice needed to be:

We really want to see the kind of effort we saw yesterday. We really had a good, sharp, crisp practice, and we are looking for the same thing. Even though we are emulating someone else’s scheme, we need to keep up on our work as well.

So, what kind of effort did coach get? Eric Hartz tweeted his thoughts from camp and John Oehser provided an update on IFR. Here are some notes:

  • Dallas Clark is suffering from a "mild concussion." He's having headaches that are re-occurring. This is the reason he has sat out the last three practices. Dallas will not play against the Vikings Friday.
  • All the tight ends save Jamie Petrowski sat out the afternoon practice.
  • T.J. Rushing and Austin Collie are sharing the kick returning duties in practice.
  • Donald Brown whiffed on a pass block against Philip Wheeler. In all fairness to Brown, Wheeler should beat him on pass rushing drills. Brown is 5'10. Wheeler is 6'2. 
  • Despite the whiffed block, Brown's afternoon practice was arguable his best so far. He was breaking several hard runs and caught a TD from Peyton Manning. Coaches and fans alike are very impressed with Brown.

More after the jump...

  • The issue with Bob Sanders is not his knee, but the strength of his quad muscles. Because he has been working so hard to strengthen the knee, he has not been able to strengthen his quads.
  • The second practice in a row sees Fili Moala at DE.
  • Run down situations often see Keyunta Dawson and Raheem Brock at DE positions.
  • Eric Foster is seeing a lot of time on the goal-line... as a fullback!
  • Collie is a manic worker. During lulls in practice, he is always working on something.
  • Antoine Bethea broke his hand in practice. He was replaced by Matt Giordano. Caldwell said Bethea will likely play with the hand wrapped. Playing with a broken hand? In pre-season? Antoine Bethea = one tough mutha!
  • Mike Pollak looked awful in the afternoon practice. Adrian Grady was consistently owning him.

Some quotes...

Reggie Wayne on the state of training camp:

Things are good. Just like (Head Coach Jim) Caldwell just told us, he likes where we are at. As a team, we feel pretty comfortable about where we are. We have gotten a lot accomplished in the first two weeks. It is about time we worked against somebody else, especially the defense. You can tell they are getting antsy, they want to tackle somebody.

Gary Brackett on coaches Caldwell and Larry Coyer:

It will be slightly different. Obviously, for me, Coach (Larry) Coyer will be more different, having someone else in my ear, making the defensive calls and things of that nature. But Coach Caldwell has really come into his own, he’s done a great job of communicating with the team…everybody has bought into what he’s believing in.

Coach Caldwell on Bob Sanders' health:

One thing about Bob is he is making good progress. We are all pleased with how he is working and the results. Obviously he’s not back there out on the field, but he will be in due time. How much time that will be, I’m not certain. I spoke with Dr. (James) Andrews and the rest of our staff, we all agreed on the prescribed methodology for what we are going to do with him, how we are going to go about it in terms of his workouts and rehab, and we’ve been pleased with that. It’s just time.