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2009 Colts Training Camp: Thoughts as we enter the first pre-season game

What to look for tonight as the Colts face the Vikings in the first pre-season game for both teams in 2009.

  • Peyton Manning will play about ten plays, and that's it. Look for him to establish timing with Anthony Gonzalez. Check that-- Gonzo's out. Pierre Garcon will likely start for him.
  • Charlie Johnson will start at LT, and Tony Ugoh will start at RT. Say a small prayer before the game, folks.
  • This is a game where Lance Ball and Chad Simpson need to showcase some ability at running back.
  • We should see a lot of Austin Collie in the slot.
  • The entire starting secondary is out. Starting the game will be Tim Jennings, Dante Hughes, Matt Giordano, and Melvin Bullitt.
  • Watch the run defense for the first two series, particularly when Adrian Peterson is in there. 
  • Pass rush all night will be something I will watch. How are Marcus Howard and Curtis Johnson Keyunta Dawson looking?

What are your thoughts heading into the game?