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Austin Collie, workout maniac

I get hate mail often. So, when I get an email that is actually more informative than OMG YOU SUCK!, it really makes my day.

One such email came yesterday from an Austin Collie fan. Special thanks to the emailer who sent this to me:

I’m not a member of your forum, but your note about Collie as a manic worker sparked a memory of Collie at BYU which might be of interest to you and your readers.

Collie had a reputation at BYU as a manic worker then, as well. There was a report that his QB, Max Hall, lived close by and Collie and during the summer would call him and say, "we haven’t done anything today to get better. Let’s go work out". It apparently wasn’t all talk, either, because when Collie reported to fall camp last year, he was diagnosed in the first couple of days with a stress fracture to his lower leg from overwork. He had done so many plants and cuts during the summer that he broke his own leg through a repetitive use injury.

Anyway, good luck with your site. You seem to have a stranglehold on good Colts coverage.

Yep, this guy is going to get the slot receiver job, unless he injures himself in training camp, or something. Workout maniacs like this are the kind of people Peyton Manning loves. Collie is a keeper.

Again, thanks to the emailer for the Collie story, and the kind words about our site.