New DT John Gill Signed - OT Brandon Barnes Waived

Mike Chappell is reporting that we have waived OT Brandon Barnes and signed DT John Gill (here).

UPDATE: Here's a link to an NFL Draft Scout report on Gill. He's 6'3, 302 pounds. Also, cutting Barnes might signal that the Colts are very confident in Ryan Lilja's health. Thanks to GoHorse88 for the FanPost and chad72 for the scouting report link! --bbs

I can't say this one makes much sense to me. Our Offensive Line SUCKED on Friday night. Why are the cutting guys like Tom Pestock and Brandon Barnes just to bring in more D lineman?

We would have been wetting ourselves with this information last year, but I think we're stacked on the D line right now. We need able bodies that can protect the Franchise (aka Peyton) and get a running game going. WTF mate? Surprised they didn't cut Corey Hilliard if they're going to get rid of Offensive Lineman.

In Polian we Trust, I guess. I'm going to go research John Gill and see what sort of wrinkles he'll bring to a seemingly deep defensive front.

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