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Reggie Wayne shows up to Colts camp in... a dump truck?

With Marvin Harrison gone from the roster, WR Reggie Wayne is now the undisputed "go to" guy for Peyton Manning and the Colts offense. Many could successfully argue that Wayne is a top 5 WR; maybe top 3 if you value consistent production and playing well in the clutch.

Yet, despite Wayne's assention, he does not seem to have strayed too far from what it takes to become great in this league: Hard work.

To prove his point (or, so it seems), Reg showed up to Terre Haute, Indiana today in time for the 2009 Colts training camp in... a rented dump truck. He also wore a road-worker vest and a construction hat which reads "Reggie Wayne Construction."

Per usual, Reg is making a statement, and doing so in dramatic fashion... with a dash of humor sprinkled in. Welcome to the 2009 season, folks.