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2009 NFL Pre-season: Philadelphia Eagles at Indianapolis Colts

Pre-season: Philadelphia Eagles at Indianapolis Colts
Location: Lucas Oil Stadium- Indianapolis, IN
Kick-off Time: 8:00pm Eastern

SB Nation Co-Blog: Bleeding Green Nation

The second pre-season game is here with the Michael Vick-less Eagles coming to Indy to face the Tony Dungy-less Colts. As we have all seen in recent days, Tony Dungy continues to work to help troubled black men regain respectability in society both through his prison ministry and his very public mentoring of fallen NFL star Michael Vick. Vick was signed by the Eagles last week due in no small part to Dungy. Though Vick did not travel with the Eagles to Indy for tonight's game, his signing is yet another example of the close bond between the Eagles and Colts. Other examples:

  • The late, great Jim Johnson was once Indy's defensive coordinator before coming to Philly.
  • Corey Simon. Please, don't make me elaborate.
  • Dan Klecko helped Indy win a Super Bowl. He is now on Philly's roster.
  • Players like Luke Lawton, LaJuan Ramsey, Montae Reagor, and Rocky Boiman have all spent time on both the Colts and Eagles recently.
  • Both teams are built on speed, quickness, and great QB play.

It is believed that the Eagles may play their starters for the entire first half. Peyton Manning has lobbied to play more than the usual one or two series the Colts normally put the starters through. When it is all said and done, the game is meaningless, and we just hope both teams come out of things with few (if any) significant injuries.

At halftime of the game, both Peyton Manning and Gary Brackett will be honored. Peyton is presenting his 2008 jersey to the Hall of Fame because of his 2008 MVP honor, and Gary is being honored as the recipient of the Arthur S. Arkush Humanitarian Award.

This is your open thread for the game. Also, remember that after the game, we will have a special Stampede Blue Radio podcast.